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    How to treat fleas on kittens?

    Articlecat health and wellbeingThursday 29 September 2011

    Getting new kitten and introducing it to your family is always very exciting and means a lot of fun. However, the good time might get over once you discover that your feline is full of fleas. Although it does not have to be like this, many kittens bring them to their new home as many treatments against fleas cannot be used on kittens under 12 weeks. Remember that fleas infest everything and might result very painful for your cat and for you. Read the article below to know how to treat fleas on kittens.

    Get a flea comb to get rid of as many of the fleas possible. Remember to get them outside or they get back to your kitten. Good flea combs are easy to use and can be found in economic offers. After flea combing as many fleas off the kitten as possible, you should proceed with bathing your kittens. It's good to get yourself a gloves to protect yourself if your kitten tends to scratch a lot. Wet the kitten thoroughly and use shampoo and conditioners designed especially for kittens. If you are not sure which brand to choose, ask your vet for advice. You can also ask in the pet store for a cosmetics appropriate for your kitten's age. Remember to avoid contact with eyes and mouth but make sure to flea comb out all the fleas from this areas. Once you apply the shampoo rinse it thoroughly. It is important you get rid of the shampoo and leave your kitten's coat clean.

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