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    How to Tell if a Cat is Pregnant

    Articlecat health and wellbeingThursday 07 April 2011

    Cat pregnancy signs are important to recognise so that you can ensure your pet cat and her litter have the best care possible as soon as they can. It can sometimes be quite tricky figuring out whether a cat is pregnant or not, even for experts. However, if you have as much knowledge about a pregnant cat as possible, this will be made much simpler. For a guide to cat pregnancy signs, see the following information.




    •    First, check if the female cat’s nipples are bigger in size. The nipples of a pregnant cat will usually turn a bright pink colour on about day 21. Some may not change like this, but most will.

    •    To check if a cat is pregnant, one thing you can do is to rub your hand very gently over her stomach. If you feel swelling that feels like balls, this could be little kitten heads.

    •    Pay attention to the cat’s personality as it might change during pregnancy. A pregnant cat will become much more affectionate than usual.

    •    Step back and look at the cat’s shape in general. From side-on and above, a pregnant cat will have a distended stomach. This could be one of the cat pregnancy signs if you notice a difference in shape. If the cat is simply overweight she will have this weight all over, not just in one place.

    •    Another one of the cat pregnancy signs to watch out for is if she starts nesting. That is to say, she will begin to arrange blankets, towels, straw or anything soft in a secure place ready to give birth to the kittens.

    •    If a cat is pregnant she will normally lie still on her side if you stimulate her nipples.

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