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    How to Talk to Your Cat | Kitten Ads

    Articlecat health and wellbeingThursday 07 April 2011
    Not many people understand that cats can grasp a huge range of vocabulary; more than dogs can. It is not that strange therefore to want to learn to talk to a cat. Communication is a very important part of owning a pet so learning to talk cat is a fantastic idea. In this article you will find some valuable tips on how to talk to your cat.

    Talking Cat – Communication Skills

  • Talk to your cat in a friendly tone.

  • Cats like higher pitched tones that convey warmth and kindness.

  • Try brushing and stroking your cat when talking to him, tell your cat how beautiful it is.

  • After a while of repeating the same friendly tone in conjunction with stroking your cat he will begin to understand that you are speaking to him favourably.

  • Try changing the tone of your voice when you are ‘talking cat’. If you are angry your cat will soon learn that when you make a harsher and louder sound he has done something wrong.

  • If you repeat certain key words when you talk to a cat they will begin to understand them. Food is a good word to begin with; your cat will soon learn this word as it will associate the object with the sound.

  • If you talk to a cat regularly you may notice that it becomes more vocal. This is lovely when you begin to have a dialogue as you feel you have really succeeded in communicating with your cat.

  • Involve your cat in as much of your life as you can. When a cat feels wanted and loved you are much more likely to get a positive response.

  • Speak to your cat and let them know that you understand them when they try to communicate with you. If they see that you are taking the time to understand them then they are more likely to want to understand you.

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