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    How to prevent the hairballs?

    Articlecat health and wellbeingTuesday 21 June 2011

    Hairballs might result a dangerous problem for your cat as they block the passage of digested food through the intestines. Hairballs form when your feline grooms itself and swallows hair. As it cannot be easily digested, the hair might get stuck with undigested food in the stomach or intestine.

    As it may result dangerous for your kitten and quite expensive problem for you, we give you few tips on how to prevent it: Brush your feline daily – majority of cats love being brushed and it is a great way to tighten bonds between you and your pet - use bristle or rubber brush for shorthaired kittens and wide-toothed comb for longhaired cats. Add substances to the food in order to help the passage of hair through the intestinal tract.

    Learn how to treat the hairballs here.

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