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    How to Massage Your Cat | Kitten Ads

    Articlecat health and wellbeingThursday 07 April 2011
    Massaging your cat will improve the bond that you and your cat share. Cat massage can relieve a stressed cat and is also a nice and calming experience for you. How to massage your cat is something very important that you need to know, by taking the time to give regular massages you will not only take away cat stress but can also feel all over your cat’s body for lumps or injuries. Cat massage also increases their circulation which in turn benefits their whole health and well being.

    Cat Massage – Instructions

    • Rest your hands gently on your cat. This will relax your pet and you will build up a relationship of trust.

    • The second step in learning how to massage your cat is remembering to focus on your cats favourite spots to be stroked.

    • Tickle your cat behind the ears and on the face to get him in the mood.

    • Next you should use a technique called effleurage which is a gentle stroking movement. This will warm the tissues and encourage blood flow. Work from the back up to the shoulders then the sides ending with the chest.

    • To relieve a stressed cat you should knead using your thumbs in a circular motion. When kneading you should follow the same order as with effleurage.

    • If your cat enjoys having its tummy rubbed then do it, but if not your cat will probably scratch you so watch out.

    • Rub each leg individually, flex each paw and massage the pads.

    • Look out for any injuries while you massage your cat.

    • To finish the cat massage you should end with gentle stroking over the cat’s whole body.

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