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    How To Know If a Cat is Pregnant

    Articlecat health and wellbeingThursday 07 April 2011

    It is important to recognise if you have a pregnant cat as early as you can because you need to start providing care to the cat as well as preparing for the kittens to arrive. In general, a cat is pregnant for roughly 65 days so there is not much time to get prepared.  Any cat over 5 months old can get pregnant so this guide will help you spot some of the pregnant cat symptoms.

    Is Your Cat Pregnant?

    •    One of the first signs that your cat is pregnant is if her heat cycles stop. If you think you have a pregnant cat you should keep an eye open for some of the other symptoms such as swollen and red nipples as these both occur soon in pregnant cats.

    •    A good way to tell if your cat’s pregnant is her appetite increases and she has occasional surges in appetite. She will know be eating for at least three, if not more stomachs.

    •    If you have a good relationship with your cat, you can tell if you have a pregnant cat by feeling her abdomen as this will swell after roughly five weeks of pregnancy and will continue to do so until she gives birth. Another of the pregnant cat symptoms is that she will become plumper around the sides and the back half of her body. If your cat’s pregnant, these pregnant cat symptoms will become more and more obvious.

    •    When a cat’s pregnant, she will often become much more affectionate so keep an eye open for this. Obviously, this may be harder to spot if you have a good relationship with your cat and she is always affectionate to you.

    •    One of the final pregnant cat symptoms and signs that a cat’s pregnancy is soon to come to an end is if she starts showing signs of nesting and preparing a quiet, safe place to give birth. Pregnant cats will often begin to tuck themselves away in corners or under beds.

    •    If you think your cat’s pregnant, take her to the vet as they will be able to determine for sure whether you have a pregnant cat and will be able to advise you on what to do throughout the cat’s pregnancy.

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