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    How to give your cat a pill

    Articlecat health and wellbeingThursday 30 May 2013
    We have all been in this situation and it never ends nicely. Your cat is not happy and you are covered in cuts and scratches. Still though, what you are doing is good for the cat and it must be done to help protect it. It’s the old cruel to be kind way of life.
    From Behind Method
    For this method you kneel behind your cat with him facing forward. Once in the correct position you place your left hand under is throat and with your right hand (which is holding the pill) you gently scratch his neck. Apply small pressure with your left hand to the corners of its mouth.
    Once the mouth is open then pop the pill in as far down as possible and close your cat’s mouth. Rub gently down the throat a few times with the mouth still closed and wait for it to swallow.
    Crushing Method
    Crushing a pill is a very simple and easy method. Simply crush the pill down into a very fine powder then mix it with the cat’s food. Obviously some pills are not able to be crushed and a word of warning; check with your vet beforehand to make sure the pill can be crushed as if not the pill will give your cat a concentrated dose of medicine too soon. Some pills are manufactured to be digested slowly.
    Hiding Method
    Basically you are placing the pill in a piece of food and hoping that your cat swallows the food together with the food mixed inside. This method is far from perfect as cats often eat the food and spit the pill out. You are then left with a frustrated cat and also a half dissolved pill. However hopefully, because the cat is so excited about the food, they will not realise a pill is in there.
    You should place the pill in food that the cat rarely eats but enjoys so it is a real treat for them. Also you should check with a vet on the food you give as some may be incompatible.
    The Syringe method
    Take a syringe and fill it with water. Now place your cat and wrap it in a towel. This provides the cat with a sense of security and also protects you from being clawed and scratched. Now hold the cat up and gentle open its mouth by holding your thumb and finger on its jaw hinges. Drop the pill in as far down the throat as possible. Next squirt the water from the syringe to help with the digestion. If you do this with kittens from an early age, they do not have the strength to fight back and will get used to it.
    Source: Wikhow
    Photo: ppdigital
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