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    How to Give Kittens a Bath for Cat Fleas

    Articlecat health and wellbeingThursday 07 April 2011

    Cat fleas can be quite detrimental to cat health, even more so for kittens so it is important to correctly diagnose the presence of cat fleas early and treat them quickly. Kittens are vulnerable when they are young and you should do everything possible to provide the correct kitten care. Cat fleas can be an issue but luckily they are easily treatable, read on to find out how to give a bath to remove cat fleas.


    Ensuring Cat Health – Treating Cat Fleas


    • The first thing you need to do is confirm that your kittens are definitely suffering from cat fleas so you can provide the correct kitten care. To do this, start combing the hair of the kittens on the back, near the tail. If cat fleas are present, you will see live cat fleas or the dirt from cat fleas. To confirm this dirt is from cat fleas, place a moist square of paper towel on the area, the dirt from cat fleas will leave a reddish brown stain. This confirms your kittens have fleas and you need to step in to ensure cat health.


    • To treat the kittens get together things such as a flea comb, plain dish detergent and a towel. It is best to treat cat fleas in the bathroom. Put some warm water in the bath and lower the kitten into it, pour more warm water on to ensure that the kitten is fully wet. When treating cat fleas, make sure the water is not too hot.


    • Begin providing kitten care by using a small amount of dish detergent and work up a lather. Make sure when bathing kittens that you avoid the face and the eyes. You can buy special shampoo that is designed to treat cat fleas and this is very good. You can buy shampoo for cat fleas as well as other cat supplies for sale on Kitten Ads. Never use dog shampoo to treat cat fleas as this can be highly toxic and detrimental to cat health. Make sure you rinse the cat thoroughly.


    • The next step when bathing kittens is to use a comb designed for cat fleas and comb through the kittens’ fur to remove any dead cat fleas and remaining dirt. Use a towel to thoroughly dry the kittens. Kittens can easily catch a cold so an essential part of kitten care is to ensure that kittens are dry. If the kittens will let you, use a hairdryer on a low setting.


    • To maintain the cat health, talk to your local vet about preventative medicines for cat fleas to ensure that the kittens do not get cat fleas again. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to kitten care. If you have not kept kittens before, you can look for local vets on Kitten Ads.
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