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    How to Detect Kitten Eating Problems

    Articlecat health and wellbeingThursday 07 April 2011

    When considering kittens for sale, it is vital that you think about the overall health of your new pet. All animals are prone to any number of illnesses, some more identifiable than others. Cat eating issues could cause obesity, which is the most common problem regarding food and cat health. However, cats can also fall victim to anorexia. More often than not, obesity and anorexia in cats happens over time. This means if you see sudden changes in weight loss or gain, the cat could be facing other problems and should be taken to a vet immediately. See the following guide to cat eating and weight issues if you are thinking about buying kittens for sale, or already own a cat.


    Cat Health and Weight

    Just like humans, cats come in a range of sizes and shapes. Larger or big boned cats typically should weigh about 6kg. Smaller breeds can weigh about 3kg and still have good cat health. The best way to determine whether your cat’s weight is healthy is to look at it. If you are still not sure, check with your vet.


    Cat Eating – Obesity

    An obese cat will appear in a triangular shape when looking from above, with the hind end being wider than the shoulders. From the side, the cat will have a saggy stomach that makes the legs look short and stumpy. The stomach will feel flabby and you will also find a thick fat layer over the hips and ribs.


    Kittens for Sale – Healthy Cat

    When looking from above, a healthy cat will appear rectangular with a dip at the hips. The leg shape should be clear and the chest deep with a shallow waist. The feel of the cat should be soft and muscular with a light fat layer over the ribs.


    Cat Eating – Underweight

    From the top of the cat, you will be able to see the ribs and hips sticking out. The ribcage will be prominent and you will be able to feel the bones protruding with no fat layer. 

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