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    How to Bath Your Cat | KittenAds

    Articlecat health and wellbeingThursday 07 April 2011
    Bathing cats can, on occasion, be necessary. A cat may get himself into a very filthy state sometimes, and this is when knowing how best to bath cats will be useful knowledge. All abled cats will keep themselves clean for the majority of their lives. However, there will be times when they may need some help and you will have to bath a cat. It is always helpful to get someone to help you when bathing cats, as the cat will probably not like this activity at all! Read the following advice on bathing a cat.

    Bath a Cat - Before

    Prior to bathing cats, you should check that his nails are clean. Trimming nails is always good. Do not trim them too much though, and only try this when the cat is feeling sleepy.

    Bath a Cat - Prepare

    Once you have done this, it is time to bathe a cat. Prepare the bathing cat area. This will normally be your bathroom or kitchen sink area. The size of the cat will help you to decide whether the bathtub or sink will be more appropriate to bath cats in. Ensure that the cat shampoo and towels are in place for easy access and that you have a big plastic cup handy.

    Bathe Cat - Water

    Whoever is actually bathing a cat should get into the bathtub. Turn on the tap and ensure the water is at a comfortable temperature. Your helper should then remove the cat’s collar and bring him into the bathroom, being sure to close the door.

    Bathe Cat - Scrub

    The cat should be handed to the person who is bathing the cat. You should hold the cat by the scruff of his neck as this is how the cat’s mother would do it. Put on rubber gloves and pour some water on the cat. Apply the cat shampoo on his body, avoiding the face. Use your other hand to scrub him. If the cat is resisting, get your friend to help out with the scrubbing. Be as quick as you can. Then rinse off all the shampoo.

    Bathing Cats – Dry and Finish

    After bathing a cat, grab hold of him in a towel whilst praising him. Pat him dry and leave him to dry off naturally.

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