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    How Flea Cat Collars Work

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 20 May 2011

    All cat owners will have heard about the cat flea collar. But many cat owners do not understand how these cat collars work. This guide on the cat flea collar will help you understand how these flea collars work.


    How to Activate a Cat Flea Collar


    Firstly you will need to activate the cat flea collar. Pulling the collar will release and loosen the chemicals which are powdered. Once you have activated these cat collars they must be used straight away.


    Using the Cat Flea Collar


    The cat flea collar should be applied like a normal collar and adjusted so that it fits snugly but not too tight. The collar works on the principle of it rubbing on the cat’s neck and releasing chemicals onto the skin and fur. The chemical will then lie within the hairs. The cat flea collar can usually be worn for up to six months and it will continue to release the chemicals for as long as the cat wears it. If you want to achieve constant protection then new cat collars must be applied.


    How Cat Flea Collars Kill Ticks and Fleas


    The fleas and ticks have to jump onto the animal and crawl through the hairs to get to the animals skin. Once the flea or tick has reached the skin then it will come in contact with the chemicals released by the cat collar and it will die. These chemicals have a similar effect that household fly spray has on a fly.


    How Well do the Cat Flea Collars Work


    These collars are quite successful at controlling fleas and ticks but it is perfectly possible that the cat’s fur will not be saturated with the powder. Some pests might find an area of the cat that is not covered in the killing chemicals. Flea collars also loose how effective they are when they get wet.


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