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    Grooming: Long haired Cats

    Articlecat health and wellbeingThursday 15 November 2012

    Long hair cats need much more care than short haired cats when it comes to grooming. Their hair can get matted and tangled and cause all sorts of problems but if you can prevent this from happening, then it will keep these problems from developing. To take preventative precautions will mean putting in time for daily grooming, however maybe this can be done whilst watching TV.

    Grooming your cat daily will not only reduce the hair from getting tangled, but also reduce the fall out around the house and the odor of the cat. It will also reduce the fur balls that your cats get from cleaning themselves. Brushing them is especially important when transitioning into the summer months as your cat will be shedding its fur for the summer. This will help with that process and keep your house cleaner at the same time.

    Problems that could occur if you do not properly maintain your cat’s coat include Main Coon and a Turkish Angora, which are both from matted fur. The matted fur could cause discomfort for your cat and irritate the skin, especially if there is dirt in the matted part of the hair. This therefore could lead to greater problems and health issues such as maggots, fleas or lice, not only giving you more work in the long term, but also giving your cat possible long term problems.

    If your cat’s fur does contain matted areas, only try and brush them out if you are gentle and they are small. However, usually when a cat’s hair is matted, you will need to cut it out carefully with a sharp pair of scissors. Do not cut too close to the skin! And then brush out the area afterward. If the area is infected or irritated, seek veterinary advice or use a disinfectant suitable for cats.

    If possible, when you first get your little long haired kitten, start grooming her straight away so she can get used to the process. Keep the process calm and happy so your kitten can connect positive feelings with this grooming. Ensure the comb you have is quite soft so it does not damage the skin or cause discomfort. 


    Photo by Jon Ross

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