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    Common Pregnancy Problems in Cats

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 30 November 2012

    As with humans, many problems have the possibilities of occurring during a cat’s pregnancy. With all the understanding of the body and these complications we are usually able to help, therefore it is the signs that we need to make sure we are familiar with. Here are some common problems that may occur.


    • Eclampsia

    Eclampsia is when the calcium levels in your cats blood stream are low. It can be life threatening if it is not caught early. This most commonly evolved towards the end of the pregnancy. To avoid this, a calcium supplement can be given to your cat to ensure the levels are kept up.

    • Spontaneous Miscarriage

    Miscarriages are in cats are usually connected to bad health or infections. Causes include salmonella or toxoplasmosis. However physical distress can also lead to a miscarriage. This can happen all throughout the pregnancy.

    • Resorption

    This when the fetus dies and the cells are absorbed into the mother’s system. Visual symptoms of resorption are rare, but as soon as you aware that this is possible, veterinary help is required.

    • Dystochia

    This is something that may occur when the cat is giving birth. If she is in labour for too long before the first kitten is born it can be dangerous. This time limit is up to around 1 hour and if it exceeds this then emergency veterinary care should be called.


    If any of these problems present themselves, vet assistance will be required.


    Photo by Feliciano Guimarães

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