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    Cleaning a Cat Properly

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 20 May 2011
    Usually, cleaning a cat will not be the human’s job as cats keep themselves groomed and cleaned. Some cat owners may have to clean their cats if they are not able to do it due to illness or being disabled. For tips on how to clean a cat, read the following.

    Wet Washcloth

    The best an easiest way to bath a cat if he cannot himself, is by using a warm and wet cloth. Be gentle and wipe the cloth on the cat smoothly. When cleaning a cat in this way, try not to use soap unless you have to get rid of excess dirt. Do not put soap onto a cat directly when you bath a cat. If you absolutely need to use soap, mix it into warm water in a bucket first, and then use it with the cloth.


    Cleaning a cat may also require you to get rid of knots in the fur. These are normally found in longer haired cats and they cannot sort them out themselves. Most of the time you will need to cut these knots out. Be very careful when approaching this. Use scissors and cut the knot out from the very base of it. Then brush over it gently.

    Extreme Filth

    You may need to know how to clean a cat that is severely filthy. In extreme cases your cat may need to be cleaned thoroughly, due to a spillage or exceptionally dirty situations. In this kind of event bath a cat differently. You must soak the cat without submerging it in a water filled tub. The cat will not like this at all and may attack you. Place your dirty cat on a surface that is clear of anything it can grab. Tuck away your cat’s head into your arm so he cannot see anything. He will feel safe like this. Then pour warm water over his coat and brush to get the dirt out. Repeat this until he is clean.

    If your cat does not like this and will not let you clean him you may have to ask your vet to bath the cat.

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