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    Cats For Sale: Bathing Cats For Fleas

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 20 May 2011

    One of the most important aspects of cat care is removing any fleas that may be causing a cat discomfort. If you’re considering cats for sale, cat health considerations need to be at the top of your agenda – and fleas are one of the most common problems to afflict cats.

    You can learn more about this area of cat health in the guide below.




    Cat Grooming: Ridding a Cat of Fleas

    1.    First of all, you’ll need to know when to spot the symptoms of fleas. If you suspect your cat is suffering from fleas, the best way to confirm your suspicions is to observe the cat from a distance. If the cat seems in some discomfort, and is pacing around, itching, and is shedding hair, it’s probably suffering from fleas. In some cases, fleas may not actually cause a cat too much bother until a relatively late stage – so it’s best to keep a close eye on the cat’s fur at all times just in case.

    2.    Once you’ve diagnosed the presence of fleas, you can concentrate on cat grooming. This will need to be carried out regularly over a couple of days to fully eradicate the problem of fleas. On initial grooming, you should brush the cat’s fur extensively, removing any knots and dishevelled hair, and making a mental note of any bare patches where the skin may have become inflamed.

    3.    Use water and an approved cat shampoo and lather the cat’s fur, rubbing the lotion into affected areas thoroughly. Naturally the cat may be a little resistant to the water and shampoo, so try and avoid contact with the cat’s face and eyes.

    4.    Allow the lather to settle for a couple of minutes and then, using a cup of water, gently rinse off the shampoo. Make sure you remove the presence of shampoo from all areas of the cat’s body.

    5.    As soon as this process is complete, towel-dry your cat and offer him a treat for going through this procedure. Keep your eyes peeled for any signs of fleas in the following days and repeat the grooming if necessary. Learn more about how to cope with cat fleas by clicking the link provided.

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