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    Cat Vomit Concerns | Kitten Ads

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 20 May 2011
    Even the most experienced of cat owners can be left stumped by the discomfort suffered by a vomiting cat. One moment the cat can seem in rude health, the next you’re cleaning up cat vomit from the carpet. If you want to find out why your cat keeps vomiting, our advice may provide a solution.

    Causes of Cat Vomit

    • Indigestion is a likely cause. If the cat consumes food a little too hastily, it’s unsurprising that sometimes it can come right back up again. If the cat has regular problems ingesting food, lower the quantity of food you provide at meal time. Instead, feed the cat in small bursts throughout the day to allow digestion to occur effectively.

    • Similarly, sometimes being too kind can be cruel. Even if you feel tempted to lavish your pet with tasty treats, this may be contributing to the cat vomit problem. Just like during childhood when you may have eaten a little too much ice cream, overindulgence can result in one very sick cat.

    • Dietary changes can be a primary cause of cat vomit. Cats can be resistant to any alterations in their daily feeding routine, and this can sometimes be reflected by a bout of sickness. If the cat is used to dry, simple foods, try not to add richer foods into its dietary plan too often as this can play havoc with the digestion process.

    • One of the most common experiences for any cat owner can be that odd sound that resonates as a cat coughs up a hairball. A hairball builds up when a cat licks and grooms itself. During this process, a cat can ingest extraordinary amounts of fur – something which obviously needs expelling from the digestive system. If the cat regularly suffers from hairballs, this can be a reason behind the vomiting.

    • Finally, as with any other animal, one of the most likely causes of vomit is illness or food poisoning. While in most cases the vomit will be a by-product of the illness and will stop relatively quickly, if the cat keeps vomiting, it is always best to seek expert veterinary advice.
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