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    Cat Symptoms - Flu | Kitten Ads

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 20 May 2011
    Feline flu can be a little confusing but breaking it down you will usually find that it falls under one of two diseases; feline herpes virus or feline calicivirus. Both of these diseases are viral infections that are airborne; both are very contagious and spread easily from cat to cat. There is a vaccination that protects cats from feline calicivirus called the FVRCP-C vaccine. This vaccination is not always effective but it is still worth minimising the risks by giving your cat this injection. Cat flu can display itself through many different symptoms; it is important that you know what they are so if your cat shows signs of any of them you can take her to the vet immediately. Below you will find some common cat flu symptoms.


    • Cat sleeping more than usual.

    • You might notice your cat is disinterested in what is going on around her.

    Appetite Loss

    • If your cat has feline flu then they will usually eat nothing at all.

    • A lot of cats also stop drinking if they have cat flu.

    • Your cat will become dehydrated which will exacerbate the situation and make the cat flu much worse.


    • If your cat has feline flu then it will show the cat flu symptom of fever.

    • Your cats body will feel extremely warm, particularly the ears.

    • The normal temperature for a cat is about 38 degrees Celsius.

    Respiratory Symptoms

    • Coughing

    • Sneezing

    • Runny nose

    • Watery eyes

    Ulcers and Abscesses

    • Your cat might get corneal ulcers on the eyes.

    • You might also notice oral abscesses in the mouth and throat.

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