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    Cat Dandruff - How to Treat

    Articlecat health and wellbeingThursday 07 April 2011
    Cat dander is caused when the cat sheds dead skin cells which is a normal process and signifies that the cat is healthy, cat dandruff however is caused when the skin of the cat gets dried and irritated. It is noticeable as visible flakes of skin, usually on the back and the tail of the cat. Cat dandruff can be caused by problems with the cat’s health, it’s grooming regime or its environment. This article outlines cat dandruff treatment.

    Cat Dandruff Treatment

    • If you notice cat dandruff, your first port of call should be the vet. This should rule out any conditions such as diabetes, parasites, infections and any allergies to food or environment. An overweight cat can also be more susceptible to cat dandruff as it is less able to groom itself.

    • An environment that doesn’t have enough moisture can cause cat dandruff. Using a humidifier can put extra moisture in the air and can be an effective cat dandruff treatment.

    • Your cat’s diet can have an effect on cat dandruff. Using high quality, wet food can add extra moisture to their skin. If this proves ineffective, another good cat dandruff treatment is to add fish oil supplements such as Omega-3 to their diet. These can be artificial supplements such as pills of a more natural form such as tuna added to the food.

    • Proper grooming can be a very effective cat dandruff treatment. Brushing your cat daily followed by rubbing it’s back with a warm wash cloth will get rid of a the dry skin and help rehydrate the rest.

    • Cats don’t like having a bath but using an anti-dandruff shampoo can be very effective at removing cat dandruff. Make sure you rinse away all of the shampoo otherwise it will leave a residue, thus causing more cat dandruff.

    • Cats love to lie in the sun, they are quite susceptible to sunburn however so if you spot cat dandruff, check that the cat isn’t sunburnt. Like humans, sunburn dries out the skin and can lead to cat dandruff.

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