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    Cat Beds - Types and Choosing the Best One | KittenAds

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 20 May 2011
    The right cat bedding is essential when you own a cat. Cats spend a great deal of time sleeping, so any cat beds that you may consider must be good quality and comfortable. For advice on selecting beds for cats, see below.

    Cat Bedding

    • First, do some research online or in pet shops. See what kind of cat beds are available to you. Check out all cat bedding size and shape options.

    • To get the right size, note how much space your cat takes up when sleeping, and then add around another foot to ensure sufficient room.

    • Look at the different materials that beds for cats use. Choose something cosy like fleece.

    • Check what kind of filling the cat pillow or bedding uses. You may prefer foam. Some types of cat pillow will use a cedar stuffing which deters insects. Some will use special technology that moulds to your cat’s body shape.

    • Some beds for cats come with removable covers so that washing can be done easily.

    • If in the winter months you are concerned that the cat will be cold, you could invest in a heated cat pillow or bed. The temperature is regulated within the cat pillow automatically and keeps a cat nice and warm.

    • For more stability and luxury, you could get cat bedding that has a steel or wooden frame. You could even fashion a hammock for the cat to sleep in by the window.
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