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    Buying a Cat Scratching Post | KittenAds

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 20 May 2011
    Cat claws must be kept healthy by scratching. This behaviour is totally natural for a cat. By scratching, cats shed old nail sheathes, which is a necessity. If you do not invest in a cat scratching post it is likely the cat will take to anything it can get its cat claws into, such as furniture or carpet. If you buy the right scratch post you will avoid this from happening, and help your cat out. For more information on choosing and buying the right cat scratching post, see below.


    First off, you need to select a scratch post that is the right size for your cat. It needs to be large enough to allow the cat to be able to stretch his entire body onto it. If the size is incorrect, he will more than likely take to scratching somewhere else where his body will extend to.


    Choose a cat scratching post that has been constructed with a material that you know your cat is fond of. Most cats will prefer one material over another. These posts are usually made from carpet, wood, cardboard or rope. You could give the cat a few options and see which one he enjoys sinking his cat claws into the most.


    Make sure that the cat scratching post lets your cat scratch in the position he likes best. Certain cats will prefer a taller post to be upright when scratching, whilst others will want to extend themselves on a scratching box or pad.


    Be sure that the scratch post is of good quality and has a base that will be wide enough to prevent it from tipping. Make sure that all fastenings and staples used will not be able to come out.


    You should replace a cat scratching post when it begins to show signs of wear. If it is too worn out it will no longer be effective for scratching purposes and the cat will lose interest. Get a new scratch post in before the cat claws attack your favourite furnishings!

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