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    Buy a Cat: Caring for Old Cats

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 20 May 2011

    Cats live a long time and it is important for owners to provide good cat care right up until the end of the cat’s life. Sometimes, for many reasons it is possible to find old cats for sale and many people take these on to provide a good level of cat care and give the animal peaceful elderly years. Old cats for sale often also need special cat food. Read on to find out more about caring for an old cat’s health and providing good cat care.


    Maintaining Old Cat’s Health


    • To effectively maintain the cat’s health, you need to take the cat to your local vet regularly. Old cats are prone to arthritis and other health issues so a visit to the vet twice a year is a necessity. If you end up buying an old cat for sale, take him to the vets as soon as possible so you can determine the correct level of cat care required.


    • A old cat will be more sensitive to changes in temperature than a younger cat so to ensure the cat’s health, do your best to keep him warm. Electric cat beds are a good way to help ensure the cat’s health as these maintain a constant temperature. You can buy cat accessories for sale like this on Kitten Ads. Cats like to be off the ground so place the cat bed somewhere off the ground but with easy access. An important part of cat care is to realise what the cat can and can’t do once it gets older.


    • An essential part of cat care is to groom a cat. When old, the cat’s health may prohibit him from fully grooming himself, in this case you need to provide the necessary cat care to groom the older cat. If the older cat is not fresh, you can buy special cat supplies for sale in the form of wipes that are very effective at cleaning a cat.


    • Old cats often need special cat food to maintain the cat’s health. Nearly all brands of cat food come in a ‘senior’ formula and this type of cat food will supply all the nutrients needed to maintain the cat’s health. Older cats may vomit more, if this is the case buy cat food that doesn’t have grain in it. For more information, refer to our guide about cat vomiting.


    • One of the most important aspects of cat care is to make sure the old cat has plenty of love and attention. Happiness is often the key to cat’s health and if he is mentally happy and stimulated, it will have a positive effect on the cat’s health. This is even more true if you have only recently come by an old cat for sale.


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