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    About Teacup Persian Kittens

    Articlecat health and wellbeingFriday 23 November 2012

    Teacup Persian Kittens seem to be the fashion now. Kim Kardashian has purchased on and suddenly they seem very popular so we wanted to make sure you know the care they need in case you want to get one yourself by giving you some facts and tips about the breed. Teacup Persian Kittens are obviously smaller than normal Persians however they still require the same amount of care for their fur and health.

    • Teacup Kittens can be likely to have genetic defects from interbreeding and as they are much smaller than the original cat. Their size can produce other health problems and can be a reason for why their life expectancy is shorter than normal.
    • Be sure you get as much information from the breeder about past health and life expectancies in the line of the breed. This is important information. Better breeders will produce healthier cats, they may be more expensive in the short term however if you purchase a Teacup Persian Kitten that may have problems later it can cost a lot more.
    • Make sure to feed your kitten high in protein food to keep it healthy. It will also need to be rich minerals. And as will all cats make sure it has water available to it at all times.
    • Monitor your kitten to ensure it is healthy. As well as it’s size, Persian Kittens are prone to respiratory problems due to their squashed faces so look for any symptoms towards this. Watch its sleeping, eating and toilet behaviour.
    • Start litter training, grooming and disciplining your kitten early on. This will make these rules come more naturally to your kitten if you are showing it what is right and wrong as he learns about the world.
    • These kittens are quite fragile so be careful to sit or step on them, as they are so small and can be hiding anywhere. Be careful with the kitten around children for this reason. Due to their size ensure that they do not get to cold especially in the winter when the temperature can be very low and their surface area is very large compared to their volume therefore it is a bit harder for them to retain heat.

    Enjoy your cuddly kitten and be sure to care for it and give it lots of attension.


    Photo by Kim Kardashian [Instagram]

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