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    8 Steps to a Clean Cat

    Articlecat health and wellbeingWednesday 16 January 2013


    1. Before washing your cat, be sure to brush out its hair, especially if you have a long haired cat. And be aware that cats should not be washed extensively as it can cause problems with their fur and skin.
    2. Get a bucket with a large diameter and that is quite shallow, for example, a washing up bowl is perfect. You can wash your cat inside or outside depending on what you would prefer and the weather.
    3. Fill the bucket about 4 inches with warm water. You can add more or less depending on the size of your cat.
    4. Buy a special cat shampoo, which you can purchase from pet shops. This is important because they are specialised so they do not irritate the cat’s skin like a human shampoo may do.
    5. Now you can get your cat into the water, however before making sure you have a towel nearby for when you are finished. Gradually and calmly start to soak your cat’s fur in the water avoiding their ears and eyes. This is to ensure they do not get too frightened.
    6. Start to use some shampoo and carefully massage it into your cat’s fur; you don’t need too much. Start using a little and you can add more if necessary.
    7. Once you feel like you have got your cat clean focusing on the neck, tummy, back and legs, you can begin you wash the shampoo off them. A cup may be useful here or even another clean bucket of water, however this is up to you. Make sure to wash all the shampoo out thoroughly.
    8. When you take your cat out of the water, have the towel ready to begin to dry them in. Be gentle and take most of the water out of the fur. It is then recommended that you let your cat inside to dry off completely and run around so it can get its independence back. 

    Drawing by Nemo

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