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    10 tips on cooling your cat down this summer

    Articlecat health and wellbeingWednesday 08 May 2013


    With summer fast approaching, it would seem appropriate to write a guide on how to keep your cat cool and calm this summer. The last thing anyone wants is a frustrated cat that is baking in the stuffy warmth and heat.
    ·        You should first of all try to keep your cat as calm as possible. You do not want it agitated and running around the house during these hot days or weeks. Provide a place in the house which is as cool and dark as possible and encourage it to go there. It is recommended not to play with your cat while it is in an agitated mood.
    ·        If you have a garden then make sure the garden has ample shade where the cat can rest and recover. If you have no decent amount of shade then you can always try providing some for them. Remember to be extremely careful if you have any areas like greenhouses or small wooden houses. Accidently locking them in could prove fatal to their health.
    ·        Let your cat find the coolest space in the house and unless dangerous then do not move it. Cats are incredibly strategic in finding cool areas. They will often find tiles, bathtubs or sinks because they stay cool even in times of high levels of heat. If you do not have any surfaces like this then place a towel where the cat usually goes. This can provide a barrier from the warmth.
    ·        You could try a technique of cooling your cat down with a dampened towel. This could be controversial though as some cats do not like getting wet however it you apply and stroke gently. Areas to concentrate on are the bellies, pads of the paws, the armpits, under the chins and outside of the ears.
    ·        Keep your cat in good condition. Make sure you brush it daily. Matted fur will often trap heat and make it uncomfortable for your cat to let the cool air flow through. Never shave your cat to keep your cat cool as the skin will be sensitive to the sun and burn.
    ·        The same techniques you use to keep yourself cool can also help your cat. For example if you have any air condition or fans then use them. If your cat is uncomfortable with these devices then do not force it to be near them. Remember as much as they can be too hot, they can also be too cold. You can also keep windows and doors shut and curtains covered to keep the heat out of the house.
    ·        Fresh clean water should constantly be available. Make sure you change the water daily to keep it fresh. Also you could provide a bowl of water outside too. Cats have a real risk of becoming dehydrated which is a real problem.
    ·        Never ever leave a cat in the car unattended. Cars during the summer months can be compared to ovens. A cat's small body will struggle in the room.
    ·        Monitor your cat's paws. If you need to then provide cream or moisturiser to keep them cool and prevent cracking. Check with your vet on what to use first though.
    ·        Keep your cat up to date with vaccinations against fleas. Fleas only increase in the hotter months which can be frustrating for a cat.
    ·        The older the cat the more you will need to take care. The same for overweight cats.
    Source: Wikihow
    Photo: rsgranne
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