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    Kittens for Sale - 5 Types of Feeding Equipment

    Articlecat food and nutritionFriday 20 May 2011

    Browsing the internet for kittens for sale? Before you buy, it’s important to have a good working knowledge of the cat feeding process. To feed your cat successfully, you’ll need to invest in a number of cat food accessories.

    Learn more about the feeding process and other elements of cat care in the guide below.





    Cats For Sale: Cat Food Equipment – 5 Essential Accessories

    1.    Cat Bowls

    Cat bowls can come in many shapes and sizes, so it’s vital to investigate all potential cat feeding options before you decide on kittens for sale. Cat bowls can be made from a number of materials, including plastic, ceramic and steel.  Bowls tend to be the cheapest of all cat food accessories, and you can buy all-in-one food bowls and specialist water bowls.

    2.    Automatic Feeders

    If your work or lifestyle means the cat will be left to its own devices, an automatic feeder may be a sensible choice. An automatic feeder will keep the food supply topped up even if you are away from the house for a lengthy period. Dry food can be placed into a compartment and it will be released into a bowl once or twice a day. You should try to avoid placing wet cat food into a bowl for reasons of sensible cat care as this can go off relatively quickly and cause stomach problems.

    3.    On-Demand Feeders

    These are similar to automatic feeders, but only release cat food into the bowl as the cat eats – putting the onus on the cat to decide its feeding regime and giving you a little more flexibility in terms of the timing of cat feeding. However, there are pitfalls to using this particular accessory – if you do not monitor the cat’s eating habits closely, this feeding method can lead to obesity. Therefore, try and restrict the amount of cat food placed in the feeder to ensure healthy cat care.

    4.    Water Fountains

    Water constitutes up to 70% of a cat’s body, so it’s essential to consider the importance of regular rehydration to the cat. If you want the cat to drink more water, a water fountain can be an invaluable purchase. Water fountains use a pump to circulate water and dispense a consistent stream of fresh water into the bowl.

    5.    Feeding Mats

    Finally, cats make for wonderful companions, but they can be relatively messy eaters. Save yourself the bother of regular cleaning by investing in some feeding mats, which can be placed under a cat’s bowl to catch food and water spills. Rubber mats can also be used to keep a bowl steady.


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