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    Kitten Feeding Equipment

    Articlecat food and nutritionFriday 20 May 2011


    When feeding kittens you will need to consider the equipment you will need. You should have at least two bowls when you feed a cat, one for the food and one for the water. This is just one of the many bits of kitten advice you need to know before buying a kitten. This article will explain the best way of feeding kittens and alternative options.




    Bowls come in many shapes and sizes and can be made out of lots of different materials. All in one food and water bowls are often cheaper than separate ones but they are not the best. It is easy for the food to get into the water and contaminate it so separate bowls are best. The bowls should also be deep enough that the food and water doesn’t spill out.


    Kittens have to get used to eating out of a bowl and it helps if the bowl doesn’t move around when the kitten is trying to eat. The bowl should be heavy or have a rubber base to stop it from slipping about. The material the bowl is made of should also not scratch easily; bacteria can grow in scratches and cause your kitten harm. The best material for your kitten bowl to be is ceramic; it is heavy, hygienic and odour resistant.


    Automatic Kitten Feeders


    Automatic kitten feeders come in many forms and some can be used for short periods while you are away for fully trained cats. The way they work is dry food is placed in each compartment and it will be released once or twice a day. You shouldn’t use wet food with an automatic feeder because it can go off.


    On-Demand Kitten Feeders


    Feeding a kitten with an on-demand feeder means when the kitten eats the feeder releases more food. If you want to monitor what your cat is eating closely then this is not the kitten feeder for you.


    Water Fountains


    Some kittens and cats love water fountains. These fountains pump and circulate water around the bowl, some kittens love to lap at the stream of water.


    Feeding Mats


    Feeding mats are often rubber which prevents the bowls from slipping and also makes it a lot easier to clean up any unwanted spills. 


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