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    How to get your foosy cat to eat?

    Articlecat food and nutritionWednesday 31 August 2011

    Cats are intelligent and clean animals and unfortunately, also very fussy about food. Although you give them their favourite food, they might suddenly turn away from it and ignore everything you offer them. If your cat does not want to eat, there must be a reason behind it. Probably it might be due to health problems affecting appetite or something that happened and stressed your cat.

    A not-eating problem might be related also to the bad habits of your cat. If you have been feeding your cat, allowing him to nibble all day, you should schedule a specific mealtime offer your cat whatever food it likes and if your cat does not eat it in, for example, 30 minutes, remove it. It will teach your cat to respect its mealtime next time when it’s hungry. Also by giving your cat a higher-quality food may be more appealing to the cat because it will taste better than a more generic variety. Most cats have preferences for canned food or for dry food. If you exchange one for the other over several days or weeks it might prevent digestive distress. Try to mix some of the food that causes problems with new ingredients and gradually reducing the amount of the first one.

    Cats are very clean animals and might also refuse food if their bowl is dirty. Washing your kitty’s dish after each meal is obligatory. Cats are also sensitive to changes in their environments. Moving to new place, new born child, new working schedule… make sure to get your cat accustomed to new conditions.

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