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    How to feed your cat if it doesn’t want to eat?

    Articlecat food and nutritionWednesday 31 August 2011

    Cats are quite fussy and might turn away from their favourite food without no reason. However, apart from individual preferences about texture or temperature, most cats are happy to chow down on what’s set before them. Bear in mind that eating the same food for a long period of time might simply get them bored with it. Cats need to have variety in their every day diet.

    Clean bowl is a good way to start getting your kitty to start eating. They are clean animals and so they will definitely not eat from dirty dishes. Bear in mind that the scent is more important for cats that the flavour. You should know that a cat that goes without food can develop “fatty liver disease” that might result fatal withing 48 hours. The vet can check for issues such as gum disease, or a broken or decaying tooth that could cause pain while the cat’s chewing; lack of appetite can also be an early sign of pancreatic cancer or kidney problems.

    Some felines might develop allergic reactions or intolerance for specific ingredients in their food. Itching, sneezing, vomiting and diarrhea are possible symptoms of food allergies or intolerance. Once any health concerns have been recognized and treated, the cat’s appetite should get back to normal.

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