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£1,200 Beautiful British shorthair kittens for sale from

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£1,200 Stunning litter of British shorthair from champion

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£1,200 Chunky British shorthand beautiful kittens

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Hi  I’m Caroline.  I first started my love and passion for the British Shorthair when I bought a Brtisih Shorthair Blue as a pet 14 years ago. Having surfed the Internet for endless hours in search for an attractive pedigree cat with a lovely temperament my final choice was the British Shorthair. I completely fell in love with the blue colour of the cat and also the amber coloured eyes. However, unfortunately nature takes it’s course and our dearly loved Tiger who was also a massive hit with the rest of the family sadly departed. After this I decided to buy another one except this time I had started to do my research to start breeding this gorgeous breed. I spoke to many breeders and gained a lot of knowledge from them all which resulted in me becoming a hobby breeder. I started off having a stud and a dam although as time progressed, experienced developed and knowledge increased I added to my collection of gorgeous girls and boys.  I’m always willing to help out anyone who has any questions or queries on the breed or any of the kittens available and I’m even still here for advice once purchased. I have had thank-you cards from people in the past, been recommended by other breeders and even people I have sold kittens to in the past years down the line get in contact  wanting to purchase another friend for their cat or need advice. It’s so warming knowing that people value my service and I do my up most best to ensure that everyone goes away worry free and fully confident they have a healthy kitten.  I hope you enjoy surfing my website and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.   I am registered breeder with GCCF under the prefix carolskitty i am also a member of the yorkshire cat club , all my lines are pure and regulated, as a breeder i have gone a little bit further to ensure the health of my cats and kittens all my queens and studs have been pkd tested i am pleased to say that they are all clear ,this means that all my kittens will be pkd clear.