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World War Two hero cat receives posthumous bravery award

NewsUK Cat NewsThursday 29 September 2011

Pyro, the cat that became a part of the RAF crew during the II World War have been recognised last month with a posthumous bravery award.

PDSA charity has awarded the special posthumous commendation to Pyro, the cat that was adopted by a photographer while stationing at the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment base in Helensburgh in Scotland. The photographer was responsible for recording secret trails of experimental aircraft while a little kitten came into his dark room. The kitten was named Pyro, after the photographic developing fluid pyrocatechol. The man took his new cat aboard a Sunderland flying boat on a maiden flight. The kitten was soon accepted by pilots and other member of the crew. Pyro actually saved its owner’s fingers from amputation by keeping them warm when a plane was covered in frost while flying 20,000ft above sea level in 1942. Pyro was run over and killed by a lorry at RAF Beaulieu in 1945.

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Text source: Liverpool Daily Post UK; image source: care2cat


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