Paralysed cat takes swimming lessons

Thursday 30 June 2011
Mog, a cat, was hit by a car and has been paralysed in both front legs. Now is learning to walk again by taking swimming lessons.

The grey tabby kitten spent six weeks on a drip after a car accident in February. The one-year-old cat is attending the hydrotherapy pool where he has been recovering the use of his legs that have been completely paralysed. In the beginning, cat´s owner was told that the pet would never work again however he was full of faith as she started to watch her kitten slowly learning to move by pushing himself along with its back legs. 

After the therapy suggested by the kitten´s vet, the cat can now bear its own weight on its front paws and is expected to take its first steps soon. Mog swims in a specially designed 13ft-long pool - usually reserved for dogs - in 3ft deep water for 15 minutes. You can watch the video here.

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