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London Pet Show 2012

NewsCat Events NewsFriday 16 September 2011

Organisers of London Pet Show have announced that the next year event is going to be bigger as the exhibition is going to be moved to the larger Earls Court Two building to accommodate demand. 

Due to the success of 2011 edition, the organisers of London Pet Show have decided to meet the expectations of the visitors and provide more space for the public. Earl’s Court Two in Central London with its modern and enormous hall can allow easy access to the huge crowds of pet lovers and also to broaden the number of events and activities during the show. The Kennel Club will bring double the number of breeds from last year with expert advice for visitors. There is also going to be a variety of popular performances such as: Heelwork to Music, obedience training, flyball, etc. 

The show is also working in partnership with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) on a bigger and better ‘World of Cats’ in the Discover Cats zone in 2012, bringing many popular breeds from the seven pedigree sections, Persian, Semi Long Hair, British, Foreign, Siamese, Oriental and Burmese. 

Companies interested in exhibiting should contact Elaine Shannon on 0141 576 3235 or Elaine.shannon@londonpetshow.co.uk or for sponsorship, contact Nicole Cooper on 01273 857820 or nicole@londonpetshow.co.uk

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Image and text source: Pet Product Marketing UK

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