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    Animal cruelty raises in St Helens

    NewsAnimal CrueltyFriday 22 July 2011

    The residents of St Helens are concerned about the raising animal cruelty after another kitten had been shot. A kitten has become the third pet to have been shot only in few weeks time in the town, according to The St Helens Star.

    Billy, a 10-month-old kitten, was found by its owner with blood coming from its leg. The cat’s owner immediately took the kitten to the vet where the x-rays revealed that the cat had been blasted with an airgun and a black kitten had a stainless steel pellet lodged in his thigh. The cat would probably have died if it had ripped through a main artery that was just millimetres away. 

    This is the third case of animal being shot in St Helens. In June a cat named Spike got shot with a crossbow bolt in the head. Click here to read Spike’s story. 

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