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How to leave your cat alone for few days?

How to leave your cat alone for few days?

It is definietely easier for cats owners to leave their pet at home alone that for dog owners. However, you must remember to provide your kitty all the necessary resources it might need while you are gone. Bare in mind that if you plan a longer trip you should consider getting a professional pet sitter or even leave your cat at a boarding centre.

If you are planning a weekend trip or you must leave in business then it is recommended you follow the steps below:

Try to move all the houseplants and any of the objects that can hurt your cat or become a victim of your kitty’s anxieties of being left home alone. Leave your cat something you have worn recently so your cat might smell it and cope with your absence. Bare in mind that it might get totally destroyed so it’s better you do not leave your cat the best suit or dress you have.

Leave your pet enough water to drink and food. If your cat eats everything set before him all at once, you should invest in a self-feeder from your local pet store. Also it is important that you change the litter box before you travel.

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