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How to Introduce a Cat to a Dog

How to Introduce a Cat to a Dog

Introducing cats to dogs does not have to be stressful ordeal. If bringing a new cat home when you already have a dog, you must make sure that they get along. See the following tips on introducing a new kitten to a dog.

Before introducing cats to dogs, make sure that the dog’s food and water bowls are out of the way. Most dogs are territorial over these dishes and may become aggressive if anything new goes near them.

Before introducing a new kitten, you should touch the new cat so that the smell is on your hands. Then, go alone to the dog and let him smell this scent off your hands. This means he is prepared, and the new cat may not be too much of a surprise for him.

Take an object that has your dog’s smell on it (such as a blanket or toy) and let the cat smell this.

Introducing a New Kitten
Now it is time for introducing cats to dogs. Take the new cat in your arms to meet the dog. Speak calmly to them, and let each one see you interacting with both animals. When you think it is safe to do so, place the new cat on the floor and let them sniff each other.

Hopefully, the two animals will explore each other. Try not to interfere as this is an important moment. Repeat this process for a few minutes each day for a few days.

Step Back
Once you have done this for several days you can let them play together without you. Make sure you stay nearby but allow them their space to figure each other out on their own.

Introducing cats to dogs requires some patience and know-how, but it can be done simply if you follow the above steps and use some common sense.


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