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How to Get Rid of the Smell of Cat Pee | KittenAds

How to Get Rid of the Smell of Cat Pee | KittenAds
The cat urine smell is quite ghastly and nobody would want their home to smell of cat pee. Cat urine can get deep into furnishings, carpet and upholstery leaving an appalling smell behind. Getting cat urine off of these things can be quite tricky, especially if left for a long time. For tips on removing cat pee and getting rid of cat urine, see the following advice.

Get Cat Urine Off

  • Firstly, when trying to remove a cat urine smell, you need to find where the cat pee spots are. This can be quite a hard task as the smell is quite strong usually. Start by ascertaining where the smell is stronger and looking for cat urine patches. Check the floor, walls and furnishings. If you cannot locate them, it may be worth investing in a black light. When you turn the lights off and activate the black light, it will show you where the cat pee stains are.

  • Once you have determined where needs cleaning, buy an enzymatic pet odour removal product. These may be expensive, but they do the job better that regular cleaning products that merely cover up the smell, rather than get cat urine off your things.

  • Start to apply the cleaning product. It may be worthwhile testing it on a small portion first to be sure that it does not harm your materials. When ready, use the product. Be sure to be thorough. Where necessary, lift up carpet corners and use the cleaner underneath to get rid of cat urine hidden away. A second application may be necessary in severely smelly cases.

  • There may be reasons why your cat is urinating so much everywhere. If you are concerned, visit the vet to find out more. This could get you to the route of the problem and prevent any need for getting cat urine off your belongings and eradicating the cat urine smell.

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