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How Much Do The Catteries Cost?

How Much Do The Catteries Cost?

Unfortunately there is no set price for catteries in the UK. Each cattery is a private entity the sets up rates on its own. They might depend on the region, location, services etc. The daily cost for a cattery should be from 10£< in the UK. However, it’s always good to call or e-mail a boarding facility in order to get the exact price and to find out what it includes.


A cost of catteries depends usually on the area and service provided (you will definitely have to pay more for a luxury conditions than basic one). Poor, unhygienic, unheated or unventilated catteries will definitely tend to be cheaper. Their staff usually gets so busy with the number of dogs or cleaning the sleeping areas that they lack of time to walk or play with the dogs. You should bare this in mind when choosing the right cattery for your kitten…

Extra fees

The price usually includes food (if no special requirements are needed) and basic day activities. However, some of the services might not be included in the price and you’d better discussed it before booking, for example: daily grooming, special diet requirements, cat treatments, medication etc.You also might be charge extra for a bath at the end of the stay.

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