Top 5 Kittens for Sale

Friday 20 May 2011

Looking for kittens for sale can be an exciting time. When you are looking to buy a cat, it is important to choose a breed that suits you and your family. For assistance on choosing kittens for sale, see the following Top 5 cats for sale to see what the popular choices are.




1. British Shorthair
These kittens for sale are some of the most popular in the country and are one of the oldest known breeds in the UK. They are stocky cats and most commonly come in blue. You could buy cats like this because they groom themselves, and have a calm temperament. As long as they get some attention, they are fairly easy to look after.

2. Bengal
If you are looking to buy a cat that is suitable for family life then the Bengal cat is a good choice. Bengal kittens get on well with adults and children. There are various types of Bengal cat, with the main difference being the colour combinations. They can be brown with dark spots, cream with nutmeg spots, or have swirled patterns.

3. Persian
Persian cats (pictured above) are an extremely popular choice due to their unique looks and personalities. Their doll-like faces and long hair make them a cuddly and luxurious breed. If you are looking for Persian cats for sale, remember that they do take a fair bit of grooming because of the long hair. They also leave quite a lot of hair around the house. However, in the winter months, they are perfect to snuggle up to and keep warm.

4. Ragdoll
Ragdolls are some the most relaxed and calm cats for sale you will find. They make good choices as pets because they are loving and easy to get on with well. This is a large breed with long and thick fur. Marking patterns vary, as do colours. To buy cats like this can be expensive, but they are not hard to look after at all.

5. Maine Coon
These popular kittens for sale are some of the largest domesticated breeds. They can weigh between 4.5 and 11 kg. Their long tails look almost like those of a racoon. Their bodies are muscular with broad chests to support their weight. They reach full size by around age 3 or 4.

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