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Persian Cat Grooming Tips | Kitten Ads

Persian Cat Grooming Tips | Kitten Ads
The Persian cat is one of the oldest breeds of cat still in existence, and these distinctive cats still prove incredibly popular as domestic pets to this day. Famed for their copious amounts of hair, these cats require some expert grooming to retain their impressive appearance. Learn more about how to groom a Persian cat in the guide below.

Groom a Persian Cat – The Essential Guide

  • In terms of appearance, it’s relatively easy to identify a Persian cat in comparison to other breeds. These cats tend to have a round face and a shortened muzzle, and as touched on above, Persians are a prominent member of the longhaired cat family. However from time to time, a Persian cat’s fur can become a little unruly, so it’s important to carry out grooming regularly.

  • Begin the grooming process by running a tooth comb through any tangles or obstructions in the fur. A wire brush can also prove extremely useful during the grooming process, so follow up with this to remove any loose, excess hair. Before you bathe your Persian cat, it’s essential to ensure any knots in the fur are released. Cut any protruding fur away by using the scissors – be careful to ensure the scissors do not accidentally harm your feline friend.

  • Some Persian cats may show a little apprehension about the prospect of bath time. Being soaked in water can be a traumatic experience, so think through this process carefully. Generally, it’s best to douse the cat in a little warm water all around the body before considering more advanced bathing.

  • Use special shampooing and conditioning product specifically designed for Persian cats. The fur of this breed is particularly delicate, so if you want your Persian cat to be the best looking moggy in town, it’s essential to use the correct washing products.

  • Gently rinse the shampoo and conditioner from the body, trying to avoid contact with the face and ears as you wash.

  • Once this crucial part of the grooming process is complete, slowly wrap a small hand towel around your cat. Allow the cat a couple of minutes to dry off and shift excess water – at this stage you can delicately clean your pet’s face and ears.

  • Repeat the process listed in the first bullet point to complete the grooming process, as during grooming, some of the wet hair may have become tangled. The final stage of grooming a Persian cat will be the wait for the hair to dry and the satisfaction which comes with seeing your cat nice and clean.


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