How to take care of your long haired Maine Coon?

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Maine Coons are one of the oldest, natural breeds of cat. The Maine Coon cats are very large, powerful and muscular cats. They have large legs, long ears, and green, copper or golden eyes. They can be hard to take care of with their long-hair if you neglect daily brushing or combing. Proper maintenance is very important in every breed, however Maine Coon cats require special treatments, especially when the temperatures are going up! 

Brushing your Maine Coon cat daily will prevent the hairballs. Hairballs might result a dangerous problem for your cat as they block the passage of digested food through the intestines. Hairballs form when your feline grooms itself and swallows hair. As it cannot be easily digested, the hair might get stuck with undigested food in the stomach or intestine. You can use a wire brush to clear fur down to the skin to avoid matted areas. Try to wash your cat once every 2 weeks to give them a glossy coat. 

You should also remember about your Maine Coons lion cut and never let your cats go without grooming for a longer period of time. Maine Coons are prone to hairballs but also they might have skin problems and dandruff if not groomed for longer time. It is important to feed with your Maine Coon with a high quality cat food. This will maintain your feline’s health and provide luster to its fur. You can give your cat both: dry food and wet food. Maine Coons gain on weight easily so remember to buy high-fibre and light food. Providing your cat fresh water around the house is crucial for its good health as well.

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