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How to treat fleas in your cat?

How to treat fleas in your cat?

Summertime is a pleasant season however sometimes it becomes really hard to go through. If no matter what you do, no matter if your cat is an indoor pet, it gets fleas... you should read this article… The fleas come in on people and then seek out for their pets. When your beloved kitten starts scratching or jumping around it’s time to start the flea treatment. For indoor cats it might be only one or two flea baths, however this might get a little longer for an outdoor cat.

First of all, you should know the danger zones – the fleas might only a summer problem, but in some areas they are a year-round threat. You should also pay attention to your cat – not only scratching is a clue for fleas but also a ‘flea dirt’ that appears as little black specks when brushing. These specks are actually dried blood from the scabs the fleas have left behind (nasty, isn’t it?). So, the best way is to brush your cat often as the fleas try to hide in dense and matted fur. The softer is the fur, the fewer places for fleas to hide.

To find out more read our articles here. Should you have any doubts or require more information, do not hesitate to contact us or your vet.


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