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The Benefits of Senior Cats
cat health and wellbeing Monday 07 April 2014
  Many rescues struggle with the weight of too many abandoned senior cats, who are sadly overlooked just because of their age. But an adult or eldery cat can be the ideal match for firs...
Do really cats  and dogs hate each other?
general cat advice Tuesday 25 March 2014

You have probably thought about the old saying "fight like cat and dog". And have surely questioned the validty of such po...

10 reasons why a cat is better than a boyfriend
general cat advice Wednesday 19 March 2014

Are you single? Looking for the perfect partner? Why don't you stop at the nearest animal shelter and adopt a cat?

Oh, so yo...

6 things you did not know about cats in Ancient Egypt
general cat advice Monday 10 March 2014
CATS IN ANCIENT EGYPT   1. A new study, conducted by scientists in 2014 suggests that the ancient Egyptians cared for domesticated cats as long ago as in 3,700 BC. Until recent times i...
Antifreeze poisoning in cats
general cat advice Wednesday 19 February 2014

Many of our pets find the taste of antifreeze very attractive. But ingesting the smallest amount of it can cause severe kidney failure and ultimately, death, especia...

Foods not to feed your cat
cat health and wellbeing Friday 09 August 2013
Believe it or not even though you may think of your cat as a picky eater there is still a lot of things out there that they should not eat but they do! So you of course must be careful about this. ...
How to reduce stress in cats
cat health and wellbeing Thursday 20 June 2013
Cats can become very stressed and tense at times and this is no surprise. Cats were originally desert animals and of course their natural habitat is one of solitude and sparseness. Placing them in ...
How to look after newborn kittens
cat health and wellbeing Thursday 13 June 2013
For whatever tragic reasons or circumstances kittens can become on their own out in the wild without a mother you can still help and look after them. Thankfully there are many of us who are here to...
How to give your cat a pill
cat health and wellbeing Thursday 30 May 2013
We have all been in this situation and it never ends nicely. Your cat is not happy and you are covered in cuts and scratches. Still though, what you are doing is good for the cat and it must be don...
How to keep a cat away from electronic cords and plugs
general cat advice Thursday 23 May 2013
It is hard enough to keep a baby or a young child away from hazard prone electronic devices however a cat can be even trickier. Thankfully there are a number of tips you can follow to stop your ca...
Litter Training a cat for the first time
general cat advice Thursday 16 May 2013
Thankfully this article will not be needed for all cat owners. Cats seem to have a natural instinct to working out how to use the litter tray themselves. That being said, some cats often forget how...
10 tips on cooling your cat down this summer
cat health and wellbeing Wednesday 08 May 2013
  With summer fast approaching, it would seem appropriate to write a guide on how to keep your cat cool and calm this summer. The last thing anyone wants is a frustrated cat that is baki...
How to deal with small scale cuts, scratches and scrapes
cat health and wellbeing Friday 26 April 2013
Cats and kittens can be just like young children, no matter how hard you try to prevent it, they are always going to come home with the odd cut, scrape or scratch. If you have an outdoor cat then ...
Ways to find out if your cat is sick
cat health and wellbeing Friday 19 April 2013
Unfortunately pets cannot tell us when they are sick or it would make all our lives a lot easier… to add to the problem, cats are notorious for hiding illnesses until it gets serious and pos...
How to make a trip to the vets less stressful
general cat advice Friday 12 April 2013
Almost everybody who has taken a cat to the vets knows how stressful it can be. The problem starts not just at the vets, but first of all putting the cat in the carreir as well as the journey. It i...
Introducing a kitten to young children
general cat advice Thursday 11 April 2013
So if you have a young child and you want to bring a new cat or kitten home you may think that all will be fine. There are some things you need to bear in mind especially for your child’s saf...
Reasons why you should get your cat micro-chipped
general cat advice Thursday 28 March 2013
Every year in Britain thousands of cats are found as strays and taken into rescue centres. There are estimated to be over 1 million feral cats in the UK. From that number there are some cats which ...
Living with a nervous cat or kitten
general cat advice Tuesday 26 March 2013
A new kitten especially one picked up from a shelter can be incredibly nervous and shy. This is normal behaviour and not something to worry about. The world for a kitten can be a scary place. There...
Reasons you should not punish your cat
general cat advice Friday 22 March 2013
You may think that with fair punishment you can teach a cat to behave. Things are not the same for cats as they are for dogs. Punishing cats can not only make the situation worse but can also have ...
Introducing two cats together
general cat advice Tuesday 19 March 2013
It is well known that cats like to be the king of the house and if you introduce a new face it can often go down badly. Here are some tips to make the transition as smooth as possible so all parti...